All natural, non-toxic cleaning.
Tough on dirt but gentle on your body.

Cleaning homes and reducing indoor pollution

The cleaning market has seen a revolution in recent years. But with influencers like Mrs Hinch promoting cleaning products packed with toxic and harsh chemicals, homes around the UK are becoming more and more polluted. The average home is now 2-5 more polluted than the air outside, due to chemicals we use in the home.

TINCTURE is the complete antithesis to the cleaning products you’ll find in the supermarket. Packed in their gorgeous hexagonal, 100% recyclable bottles are all natural formulas made with botanical extracts and natural oils – and absolutely nothing nasty. This makes them completely non toxic and safe for families and pets.

Project summary

TINCTURE launched in 2017, but despite early retail success with retailers such as John Lewis, House Of Fraser and Selfridges, the online presence for the brand was far behind. They were suffering from a very common problem – they had a beautiful website and attractive social posts but very few sales coming in.

Wonderbean were initially brought on board to take over the social media, but very early on this role expanded to broader digital management with UX development, Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, loyalty and referral schemes, email communication and much more. 

As we do with many of our brands, we were also involved right from the beginning in building a revenue forecast and targets for the next 12 months, which can be provided to existing or potential investors.

The Strategy

TINCTURE is a unique product in its design, which meant that photography and video are our greatest asset. However, very little of the communication explained the benefits of the product – such as it’s non-toxic formula, which makes it very gentle on skin and airways. This makes it the perfect for people with skin or breathing conditions, as well as all the family – including children and pets. 

As well as being dermatologically safe, the completely eco-friendly formula and refillable bottles mean that the product is mass-appeal, especially with those who are conscious about their environmental impact.

All of the above fed into our social and digital strategy, encompassing:

  • Refined social media content, with an emphasis on user generated content and real customer feedback
  • Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience
  • Multi-level retargeting audience to bring back on-the-fence buyers and encouraging repeat purchasing 
  • Setting up new website functionality to improve conversion rates
  • Planning and building automated email sequences to educate new potential customers
  • Setting up a new loyalty scheme to reward customer repurchasing and referrals
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of the website to improve rankings for product queries

Proven Results

Within 6 months of working with TINCTURE, online transactions via TINCTURELondon.com have grown by 800%, and the e-commerce conversion rate has increased by 30%.  Sales across all channels – especially organic search, social and Google Ads have grown dramatically, and sales have greatly exceeded the ambitious revenue targets that were put in place – with that expected to continue as we further our partnership.


Increase in online revenue in 6 months


Growth in sales from social media

New Instagram followers in 6 months without ads


More organic Google search impressions

More winning campaigns

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