Tielle Love Luxury

The bedlinen and towelling that’s loved by the world’s most famous hotels.
Now available for your own home.

Turning a trade-secret into a household name

Tielle Love Luxury’s parent brand has been supplying the world’s best known hotels with high quality linens for years. But demand from designers and hotel guests prompted the launch of Tielle – the consumer facing arm of the business.

Through their e-commerce store, Tielle supply household customers with the same sought after linens, towelling and bedding that hotels such as Claridge’s, The Savoy and The Pig hotels use in their bedrooms.

Project summary

We have been working with Tielle Love Luxury since their launch in 2016 to grow awareness of the brand online, in what is a very competitive market, in order to drive online sales via their e-commerce website.

The Strategy

Whilst Tielle’s parent company has an outstanding reputation in supplying beautiful linens and towelling to hotel groups across the world, when it comes to selling online, making Tielle’s quality white bedlinen look noticeably different to the low cost, poor quality bedlinen that people may be used to seeing when browsing online makes things tricky.

Through emphasising the quality of the product with a complex, multi-level campaign of prospecting and retargeting using press and trade names as a trust-marque, Wonderbean has developed a sophisticated and profitable mechanism to drive online sales.


  • Targeting potential customers through Google, Facebook & Instagram advertising
  • Testing new audiences on a regular basis to find new and cost-effective sources of sales
  • Retargeting on-the-fence customers to encourage sales
  • Building a re-engagement campaign to bring back previous or highly-engaged shoppers
  • Integrating new opportunities including Facebook Messenger Bots
  • Working with their PR team to maximise press coverage 

Proven Results

 Having seen Tielle Love Luxury grow from a simple idea through to a successful, fast growing business, Wonderbean has been able to set up the marketing using best-practice methods since day one. This has allowed us to gather a huge amount of data and insights on customers, how they behave and how to encourage them to purchase. Using this information we’ve helped to grow the e-commerce revenue by 102% year-on-year, with even more ambitious plans for future growth.


Average Return On Advertising Spend


Conversion rate on retargeting ads


Yearly increase in online sales revenue

Million potential customers reached

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