Reducing plastic waste, one period at a time.
The world’s first reusable tampon applicator.

Launching a ground-breaking new product

It’s not sexy. Periods have come a long way – from taboo to newsworthy. But still over 100 billion period products are thrown away each year across the world.

Alec and Celia, the dynamic duo behind DAME, sought to put an end to this by launching the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, and raising money for production through crowdfunding on Kickstarter and indiegogo.

Project summary

Having successfully worked with DAME founders Alec and Celia on their first tampon brand, Sanitary Owl (a subscription box for sanitary goods), Wonderbean were brought back on board for the launch of DAME. During this time we worked with the team to raise brand awareness and drive pre-sales via crowdfunding sites.

With the average woman throwing away up to 12,000 period products during her lifetime, getting the message out to thousands of women could result in several million fewer plastic products entering the system.

The Strategy

The team at DAME had generated some impressive coverage in national and online publications early on in their Kickstarter campaign, with some of their videos having been watched over 4 million people. 

With plastic waste being a hot topic across news and social media, DAME wanted to reach more people and drive them to crowdfunding website, indiegogo, where they could purchase. This was done by:


  • Building prospective target audiences from previous purchasers and interest groups
  • Quickly split-testing a range of ad audiences and formats to find the lowest-cost source of clicks and sales
  • Building a multi-level retargeting audience to bring back on-the-fence buyers 
  • Analysing the on-site behaviour, and isolating referral sources or destinations that convert best
  • Working with external crowdfunding promoters to further raise the profile

Proven Results

DAME’s crowdfunding campaign generated coverage across the UK, US and further afield, with sales coming in from Australia, Canada and more thanks to interested generated through press and advertising reach. At the end of the 4 week campaign Wonderbean were involved with, DAME had generated an additional 537 sales and raised a total of £100,000. DAME are now in talks with a number of national retailers and plan to launch in stores and on their own website soon.

Pounds raised through crowdfunding

Purchases during 4 week campaign

Million fewer products entering landfill

Million video views

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